Sock It To Me Cake

Vanilla pound with a brown sugar, cinnamon, pecan filling, with a sweet light glaze.

Pineapple Coconut Cake

White cake with fresh coconut filling between layers, iced in 7 minute icing and sprinkled with fresh shredded coconut.

Fried Apple Pie- $4

Fresh seasonal cinnamon spiced apples embedded in butter pastry crust deep fried, lightly dusted in cinnamon sugar. 24 hour order request required.

Homemade fruit wines-$6 8oz cup

These southern wines are only made with fruits that are in season, usually Spring and Summer. Our wines are free of sulfates/ nitrates, artificial colors/flavors, resins.

Pictured Fruit Wines are from left to right:




Sorrel (African/West Indian Hibiscus)